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At just 24 years old, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded a high-precision watchmaking company specializing in pocket watches and chronometers in the Swiss town of Sonvilier. Louis-Ulysse. Before long, conquering Switzerland and making the leap to the rest of the world, this artisan watchmaker created authentic works of art with innovative designs that helped him export his products to places as surprising as the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. The most appreciated characteristics of their watches were their precision and their reliability.

Chopard Mille Miglia GMT

11,294.76 USD 9,215.00 USD 9215.0 USD

Chopard Your Hour

7,991.58 USD 6,152.00 USD 6152.0 USD

Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph 283581

10,675.32 USD 7,882.00 USD 7882.0 USD

Chopard Imperiale 4156

22,374.92 USD 17,527.00 USD 17527.0 USD

Chopard Happy Sport 8495

4,972.21 USD 3,416.00 USD 3416.0 USD

Chopard Happy Sport 8245

7,955.53 USD 6,041.00 USD 6041.0 USD

Chopard Happy Sport 27 6150

13,922.18 USD 11,511.00 USD 11511.0 USD