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Léon Breitling was a skilled watchmaker who, in his Saint-Imier workshop, built both clocks and ingenious measuring instruments. The innovative mechanisms that he developed for his pocket watches brought his company fabulous prestige. Breitling decided to focus on chronographs, an item increasingly in demand at the time for uses in industry, the military and science, and also in sports associations. In 1889, he obtained a patent for a simplified model that distinguished itself from its competitors by cleanliness of the design, simplicity of the manufacturing process, and trouble-free maintenance.

Breitling Bentley GMT A47362

6,525.86 USD 5,048.00 USD 5048.0 USD

Breitling Blue Angel

24,182.05 USD 9,869.00 USD 9869.0 USD

Breitling Colt Ocean A77380

2,995.81 USD 1,267.00 USD 1267.0 USD

Breitling Tourbillon Mulliner L18841

99,860.20 USD 76,917.00 USD 76917.0 USD

Breitling For Bentley Flying B A16362

8,737.77 USD 5,517.00 USD 5517.0 USD

Breitling Colt A17350

2,496.50 USD 1,123.00 USD 1123.0 USD

Breitling Chronomat D13050

7,739.17 USD 7,739.00 USD 7739.0 USD